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Special Access Tickets (SATs) for 2018 FIFA World Cup

For Specially-abled or people with limited mobility, there will be special access tickets that they can obtain in order to enjoy the 2018 FIFA World Cup. These tickets are divided into 4 categories i.e. Wheelchair User, Easy Access Standard, Easy Access Amenity and Obese Persons. The prices of SATs for international fans will be of Category 3 and for Russian residents for Category 4, if you want to know more about the pricing of 2018 FIFA World Cup then click here. Below are the details of each category for Special Access Tickets.

Wheelchair User For wheelchair users Clear area large enough to accommodate awheelchair
Easy Access Standard For disabled people, people with limited mobility andpeople with other medical conditions Aisle seat with no or minimal stepped access
Easy Access Amenity For people with guide dogs or people with a medicalcondition with assistance dogs and people that needadditional leg space due to limited mobility Easy access seat with additional clear space in front
Obese Persons For people with a BMI that is equal to or exceeds35 kg/m2 Easy access extra-width seat with greater loadcarrying capacity

For the three SAT categories i.e. Wheelchair User, Easy Access Standard and Easy Access Amenity all ticket applicants will get an option for one complimentary ticket for a companion, the ticket for the companion will be free of charge.

How the Eligibility will be decided for SATs?

For Wheelchair User, Easy Access Standard and Easy Access Amentiy Tickets, the applicant can present the widely accepted proof of disability from his/her country of residence.

For Obese Person a certificate signed by Doctor testifying that the applicants BMI is 35kg/m2.

Are Permits for accessible parking accepted as valid proof?

No, the permits for accessible parking will not be accepted as a valid proof for obtaining Special Access Tickets

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