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FIFA’s Customer Care service for Ticketing for 2018 FIFA World Cup

In order to answer the queries and to provide further information related to Ticketing of 2018 FIFA World Cup, the international body of Association Football has started FIFA World Cup Ticketing Centre.

If you also need any help or wants to know more about the tickets that you have purchased or plan to purchase you can know more by the following methods:

IVR and Call Centre

Fans can contact through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for automated information after entries their ticket ID to know about the status, if in case one needs further clarification or wants to speak to an operator then there are options for that also on the IVR. The telephone numbers for IVR are:

Russian Residents: 8 495 787 2018
Resident of any other country: + 41 44 563 2018

Web Contact Form

Alternatively, you can visit the ticketing section on the official world cup website i.e. FIFA.Com/tickets and there you can submit your query by providing name, email and subject information to get a timely response.

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  1. Mohamed El Refaey

    Dear sirs
    As I was late and couldn’t find tickets on your official website I alternatively bought tickets thru viagogo ..pls advise me if it is a trusted site and authorised to sell tickets or not

    Thanks in advance for your co-operation

  2. Dear sir,
    I accidentially deleted my fifa account, and now I cant put the ticket back into the resale phase, and every time I ask the question in the web , they just gave me some standard answer which is not helping me at all. And I cant contact the customer service of the fifa through the phone number. What can I do now? HELP!!!!

  3. I’ve bought the 43rd match tix game between Korea Republic vs Germany on June 27… I manage to get the flight arrive in Kazan on the 26..
    How / where I can collect my ticket since the last day to collect the ticket at Kazan Airport is on the 25. Thanks

  4. Hallo, i have bought tickets for the Match croatia:Nigeria and After paying on fifa.com the told me that the tickets were succesfully allocated to me. So,did i get the tickets 100%? Because i havent got a Email.

    • You need to obtain Fan ID as well. Further, you need to contact FIFA’s Customer Care service for confirming your ticket and from where you can collect the same.

      • Hi,thanks for the answer. And how can i contact the fifa customers care Service? Could you please tell how or maybe send me a link?

  5. Soumyadeep Mazumder

    My name was misprinted while buying the ticket. My name is Soumyadeep Mazumder. While buying, a friend typed as Soumyadeep Majumdar. Please advice me on what to do

  6. I have bought tickets 27 march,i have recived my fan id but still I haven’t received my fifa world cup tickets now what should i do wait for tickets or ill get it from ticket counters in Russia?

    • 2018 World Cup

      Please contact the customer care service immediately.

      • Hi, I can’t find where to submit queries on their website.

        I got my tickets couriered, and now one of my guests can’t go. So I have a ticket with his name on it. Can I give that to another friend or do I have to courier it back to FIFA for resales?


  7. I bought and paid for my tickets through the official Fifa ticket store in November and January. I registered my FanID in March and received it in the mail also in March. So far I have not received any notification about match ticket delivery from Fifa. I called the number listed here and was not able to speak to anyone, there was no option to speak to a person. I submitted a question through the contact us form and received an automated message response. How can I speak to a person from Fifa ticketing so they can tell me the status of my tickets??
    I bought 4 Group stage game tickets (1 ticket each game for myself) and 1 Round 16 ticket conditional that my team advances.

  8. Hello, i collected collected my FAN ID by courier but not a Match ticket. Where i can check my match ticket status? When you will send me match ticket hardcopy and how ? Please guide me soon as possible.
    Thank you,

    • 2018 World Cup

      Tickets allocated by FIFA prior to 3 April 2018 are delivered by courier to the ticket applicant’s address subject to the ticket delivery terms of service. The delivery of ticket, which is free of charge for ticket applicants, is planned to start in April/May 2018 (subject to change). Tickets that were purchased after 3 April 2018, in the last minute sales phase, TSTs and CSTs for non-Group Matches or tickets for which delivery by courier is not possible, are made available for collection at the FVTCs operated by FIFA in all host cities of the 2018 FIFA World Cup prior to and during the tournament. For security reasons, FIFA will not make any tickets available for collection at the stadium on matchdays.

      All operational costs for ticket delivery and collection services are forming part of the ticket prices.

  9. Yvonne Gilliard

    My tickets have not arrived and we leave for overseas in 3 less than 3 weeks.
    Order number 600050707
    Can you please advise when tickets will be received
    Thank you

  10. Tiina-Maija Mäkinen

    I have tickets that I can´t use. I tried to do like the FIFAs original order ask to do in side FAQ. I tried to sent them to venue ticketing center via courier. But they refuse to do that, because I don´t have phone number to venue ticketing center in Manchester. Where can I get that number?

  11. Hi,
    We have purchased tickets through the official Fifa ticket site in October and January. We have received the FAN Ids long back. So far we have not received any notification about match ticket delivery from Fifa or DHL. I have tried calling the numbers and contact form given in the site which just replies with an useless automated message response.
    We will fly out of India on June 8th, only 14 days left! We will only reach on the same day and just couple of hours before the Match starts on June 17th in Moscow. Pls let us know the alternate way to collect tickets in Russia if DHL fails to deliver before we leave or delivers after we have left? Can we collect tickets in some other cities for matches in Moscow.
    Pls reply. This anxiety is killing us, this is complete mismanagement.

    • 2018 World Cup

      You can collect tickets from airport also. Read this article for more details.

      • Thanks, but this for tickets purchased after April 3rd. We have bought our tickets in October 2017 and January 2018, can we collect from airports. This will be great then!

        • 2018 World Cup

          I think you can also collect from the airport but I am not sure about it because if courier company is unable to deliver the ticket then morally it’s FIFA’s responsibility to ensure that fan gets the ticket. We will update you if we get any information on that.

        • 2018 World Cup

          May kindly read this article as we have updated it as we got information which pertains to you. In short, you can also collect your ticket in Russia if not delivered by DHL.

  12. Hi,

    I’m looking to get some details on the transportation that is included with the game tickets.

    To give a small breakdown, the first game we are watching is Belgium-Tunisia in Sochi on June 18th. We then have to make our way to Moscow to catch our second game Belgium-Panama on the 22nd.

    We’re looking to take advantage of the transportation offered by Fifa. Currently we can’t find any spots but I was informed that more trains will be circulating during the competitoin. Is this correct?

    Thank you !

  13. Hi, I am from Hong Kong and just received the physical tickets on 30 May 2018, today. I would like to return back the physical tickets to Ticketing Center in Moscow, Russia or Manchester United Kingdom for Resale process. However, the courier from my place required the receiver information from FIFA including the Name of package receiving representative and the corresponding contact number.
    I am looking forward from you early reply since the match will be held on 15 Jun 2018.


  15. I have two request IDs when I bought the tickets. both in Sales Phase 2 of tickets purchasing.

    I received two tickets for my guest and I for one game but I am still missing the rest of the tickets for the other Request ID. We are May 30th and I have not received any notification from FIFA or DHL. I have tried to call FIFA to the number mentioned and I didnt get to talk to any representative. All options are automated answers.

    I do not know what to do. I am ok if I got the tickets once I am in Russia but I need to make sure that will happen.

    Does any one can help? or let me know what else Can i do?


    Good day ,
    I didn’t receive my tickets till now. Only 2 weeks for the world cup to start.
    How can I ask about my tickets . I sent many e-mails to FIFA but I received only automated reply.
    No answer also via the telephone numbers.

    What I can do ?

  17. I have purchased WC tickets online (request ID 600364473) months ago, and I have not received any type of delivery information so far. No email regarding the delivery, no waybill number or anything. It is almost time for my trip to Russia, and I would appreciate immediate help with this situation.

    • 2018 World Cup

      Many users are receiving tickets recently so chances are that you will also receive it soon. Further, make sure you get FAN ID, if you don’t get tickets delivered then you can collect them directly also when you land in Russia.

  18. HI, my tickets did not arrived yet, what can I do? I called customer sefviec but no one answer, all pre recorded messages! Thanks

  19. ok. Is there no way to confirm which tickets are confirmed to be mailed then??? I have my FAN ID already. Where can tickets be collected in Russia if needed? Thanks again.

  20. Hello my flight is on 14 June for Russia and I my fan id still in post. It was 10 days in Moscow custom and released from custom on 2 June in tracking via Russian post. . So I’m afraid I will not get it on time. Can fifa send me fan id again through DHL? if yes what is the procedure?

  21. Hi, given a health issue with my brother he is not going to be able to travel to Russia. He has bought three tickets that have already been sent to him. We’ve tried to contact an agent but has been impossible, we need to transfer these tickets to his brother in law who is coming in his place. I hope you understand all arrangements for the trip have been done and is an extreme event we are facing. I’d appreciate any information that could lead us to solve this issue. Thank you.

  22. I got my FIFA Fan ID and my physical tickets were sent to me through DHL, unfortunely for me I lost the envelope containing the match tickets. so my question is… could FWCTC resend me my tickets or can I pick them up from the airport in russia? I’m devasted

  23. Dear Sirs,
    I put a ticket for resela and its status changed to Refund pending for over a week. does it take that long to process the refund?

  24. Hello, my name is Felipe Weber, I’m from Brazil and I would like to know if I can trace some tickets that I bought at the last sales window (April 18) and that have not yet arrived, I have a trip scheduled for next week’s Thursday, and I’m worried .

    Match 15 – Poland x Senegal
    Match 19 – Portugal x Morroco

    Can I get the WB number to track my tickets?
    Thank You

    • 2018 World Cup

      Tickets that were purchased after 3 April 2018, in the last minute sales phase, TSTs (Team Specific Ticket Series) and CSTs (Conditional Supporter Tickets (CSTs)) for non-Group Matches or tickets for which delivery by courier is not possible, are made available for collection at the FVTCs (FIFA Venue Ticket Centres) operated by FIFA in all host cities of the 2018 FIFA World Cup prior to and during the tournament. Please read this article for more details.

  25. Our tickets have not been sent yet 🙁 If I’m only a GUEST, can I collect my ticket in the Fan Zone on the basis of FanID and request numer?
    Or they can only be picked up by the person who applied for tickets?
    He will come a lot later and pick up his ticket at the airport, and I want to pick my up two days before the match. Will it not be a problem with this?

  26. I bought 2 TST6 Korea Republic tickets on Nov/17, but I won’t be able to go. I’m trying to resale my tickets for more than a month but the status is the same (pending). It is not clear if the platform is working, and it is not clear if my tickets are being sold. It simply doesn’t work. More than that, I never received my tickets! I tried contact by phone or email, but its impossible to have some answers. How can i know if my tickets are being sold??

  27. Dear Fifa Team.
    I bought the ticktes for the match Colombia-Poland in the Last minute sale phase.

    It wasnt able for me to buy the tickets with my own credit card so a friend give me hers for the booking.

    But after the booking process was over i got the information that i have to bring the card to the Fifa Ticket center with me to get the tickets.

    But this is not possible because it isnt my Visa Card. So i wanted to ask if it is possible to get the tickets without the Visa Crad ( I can bring the money transfer documents with me)
    I would be glad to hear from you soon
    with best regards

    • Great question , I have the same problem. I’m only a Guest in system and I need to collect the ticket in the Fifa Ticket Center by myself. Can I collect my ticket without a credit card of the person who applied for tickets?

  28. Le Thanh Quang

    Dear Customer Service Team,

    We bought 15 tickets of Final Match on 15/7.
    And We would like to ask about Coach for my group:
    • How can we get the Bus ticket/ Parking ticket to go inside Stadium?
    • How big off coach can go inside? ( My group use 35s coach)?
    • I see in the ticket write: Driver need Fan ID to go inside stadium, but my Driver willnot to see the Final Game, so How can we get FanID for him?
    Thank you so much and we looking forward to your answer!

  29. Hi Fifa team,
    I’ve put my tickets on resale for round of 16 (France – Argentina) and sent it back to your office in Manchester around the the end of May. The status of my 4 tickets on the Fifa website has never changed “refund pending”, I don’t understand what happens with my $980 tickets. Game is now 5 days over. My tickets were sent as recorded delivery.
    Please help!

  30. Alfredo Alfieri

    Good morning! I resale tickets to FIFA for the last world cup match England vs Sweden. I I never received the refound of my money, I want to know when I will receive it.
    I’m waiting for your answer.
    Your sincerely.

  31. Hello!
    I returned 2 tickets for resale at the FIFA Ticketing Center at Moscow. My status is “refund Pending” since 18/06/2018. The World Cup has finished 45 days ago,and so far I have not received my money back. Please let me know if you need any more information about my bank account or credit card.
    Thank you!

    • Hey, same situation here it’s been showing refund pending since 14.06.18 here . I have sent several emails to fifa but never got a response. Been almost 3 months since then and I am a little worried now . If you ever get a proper response from fifa please inform over here too . I returned 3 tickets for the match of Belgium vs Panama

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