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2018 FIFA World Cup Ticket Delivery and Collection

If you have booked a ticket for 2018 FIFA World Cup and now wondering how to get the ticket delivered to you then today we will help you with that. Tickets allocated by FIFA prior to 3 April 2018 are delivered by courier to the ticket applicant’s address subject to the ticket delivery terms of service. The delivery of ticket, which is free of charge for ticket applicants, is planned to start in April/May 2018 (subject to change).

Tickets that were purchased after 3 April 2018, in the last minute sales phase, TSTs (Team Specific Ticket Series) and CSTs (Conditional Supporter Tickets (CSTs)) for non-Group Matches or tickets for which delivery by courier is not possible, are made available for collection at the FVTCs (FIFA Venue Ticket Centres) operated by FIFA in all host cities of the 2018 FIFA World Cup prior to and during the tournament. For security reasons, FIFA will not make any tickets available for collection at the stadium on matchdays.

All operational costs for ticket delivery and collection services are forming part of the ticket prices.

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  1. Our tickets have not been sent yet If I’m only a GUEST, can I collect my ticket in the Fan Zone on the basis of FanID and request numer?
    Or they can only be picked up by the person who applied for tickets?
    He will come a lot later and pick up his ticket at the airport, and I want to pick my up two days before the match. Will it not be a problem with this?

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