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What is Video Assistant Referee?

The footballing world will be introduced to a new technology in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. A recently developed technology called Video Assistant Referee or VAR will be used for specific incidents involving match changing situations.

The VAR team will support the referee controlling the action on the pitch from a centralized video operation room located at the International Broadcast Center (IBC) in Moscow, the VAR team consists of a video assistant referee and three assistant video assistant referees, additionally four replay operators will select and provide the best angles from all relevant broadcast cameras and two additional offside cameras in addition to feeds generated from the video operation room will be distributed to the venue. The VAR output which includes all the angles being reviewed by the VAR team, also the video operation room camera feed capturing all the action during a VAR review.

The VAR will be used only for Goals and offenses leading up to a goal, Penalty decision, and offenses leading up to a penalty, direct red card incidents, and mistaken identity. The team will constantly check for mistakes related to these four incidents and will communicate the mistake to the referee in case of clear and obvious error or serious missed incidents. The referee would initiate an official review by signaling the outline of a TV screen.

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